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      Gemini Sound UHF-6200HL Premium Wireless Lavalier & Headset Mic System – Crystal Clear Audio for Stage Performances and Public

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      Product Highlights

      • PRECISION IN EVERY NOTE: Our UHF wireless lavalier system captures sound with unparalleled clarity, ensuring your audience hangs on to every word and melody.
      • EXPRESS FREELY: Crafted for dynamic individuals, this microphone offers unparalleled freedom of movement. Whether you’re dancing, teaching, or presenting, our tech has got you covered.
      • AMPLIFIED AUDIENCE CONNECTION: Your voice will resonate powerfully, even in expansive venues. From intimate seminars to grand performances, your audience will hear every nuance.
      • CONTINUOUS CLARITY: With advanced wireless transmitters and receivers, expect seamless audio delivery. No dropouts, no interruptions. Just pure, continuous sound.
      • THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE TOOL: Whether it’s a keynote, a dance performance, or a seminar, this system ensures you’re always the highlight. Step up, shine bright, and leave a lasting impression.

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      Product Description

      Gemini Sound Dual Wireless Headset Livelier Microphones Professional

      Gemini Sound UHF Wireless Microphone Headset Livelier Mic System Set Up

      Gemini Sound Dual Microphone Headset Lav Mic Set for PA

      Gemini Sound PA Speaker System Dual Wireless Headset Lavalier mic set

      Empower Your Sound

      At Gemini, our goal is to design products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and Pro Audio markets. Since 1974, we’ve evolved and thrived by understanding the needs of our customers and recognizing industry trends. From our humble beginnings, we understood the potential of the DJ movement.

      Gemini Professional Microphone Systems With Receivers

      Every Pro Performer Needs a Pro Mic Lavalier Set Up

      DJs, karaoke lovers will love the high-quality voice reproduction / clarity. With a bandwidth stretching from 512Mhz – 537.5MHz you have multiple frequencies to choose from to customize all types of performances, Lightning fast microcom controlled PLL oscillation + advanced compression circuits avoid unwanted noise and interference. Connection to external devices is simple and instant with this unit’s balanced, individual XLR inputs, mixed 1/4-inch OP jack and MIC/LINE output selector switch.

      • 240 Ft Operating Range
      • Contains 2 Headsets, 2 Belt Packs & 1 Receiver
      • LCD Screen
      • Multiple Frequencies

      Wireless Headset Lavalier Microphone Set Up System

      Gemini Sound Dual Wireless Livelier Headset Microphone System

      Gemini Sound Livelier Headset Microphone Wireless Receivers Set


      Connecting easily to any PA speaker or audio mixer with an XLR or 1/4 inch mic input the wireless headset mic system is easy to to use and set up.


      Gemini’s UHF-6 Series was designed to offer the very best to performers, artists, DJs and public speakers. With noise reduced less feedback, an advanced tech and clean and clear signals.


      Use It for:

      • Church
      • Public Speaking
      • Meetings
      • School
      • Work events
      • Live Performance
      • Gym / Exercise Classes

      Gemini Sound wireless dual headset livelier microphone system for PA System

      Gemini Sound Livelier Headset Microphone Wireless Receivers Set

      The wireless pro headset lav mic set has a 240 ft. operating range makes it the given solution for bars, clubs, auditoriums and any place of worship.

      From the brand

      Additional information

      Weight3.56 kg
      Microphone Form Factor

      ?Microphone System

      Item dimensions L x W x H

      8.27 x 5.44 x 1.78 inches

      Power Source

      ?Battery Powered

      Signal-to-Noise Ratio

      ?80 dB

      Number of Channels


      Item Weight

      3.56 pounds

      Product Dimensions

      8.27 x 5.44 x 1.78 inches

      Country of Origin




      Item model number


      Date First Available

      March 5, 2019

      Color Name



      2 Headset


      Gemini Sound


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