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      Alhambra Guitars – 1 C HT (HYBRID TERRA)


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      Experience Elegance In Music Studio Exclusive Finish

      Immerse yourself in distinction with the 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model, a true gem for guitar enthusiasts. Its unique finish, merging shine and open pores, redefines the aesthetics of Alhambra guitars. Every detail matters, from the solid cedar top to the resonant Sapelli back and sides, all carefully handmade with selected woods. Discover the elegance in every note with the help of nickel-plated tuning pegs, a rosewood fretboard, and a maple rosette that transform this guitar into a piece of art.

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      Unmatched Comfort

      Music starts with comfort. The 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model is your perfect companion on your musical journey. With perfectly adjusted strings and silver nickel frets, you will experience exceptional comfort while playing. This guitar is not only a visual masterpiece but also a helpful ally for guitar students, rewarding every effort with a comfortable and gratifying experience.
      Alhambra Sound: Beyond the Studio.

      Although designed for students, the 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) guitar does not compromise on sound quality. ? Immerse yourself in a world of volume and sonic definition. Key parts such as the saddle and nut made of high sonic transmission synthetic material called melamine contribute to a round and precise sound. Discover a study instrument with performance that expands with each chord, improving its sound with every note you play.


      TOPSolid Red Cedar
      SIDES & BACKMahogany
      NECKMahogany. Ergoneck
      FINGERBOARDIndian Rosewood
      MACHINE HEADSNickel Plated
      BINDINGOnly on top
      SIZES(1/2), Cadete (3/4) and Se?orita (7/8)


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