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Koss Pro-4AA

9,999.00 INR


Product Highlights

Brand Koss
Model Name Pro 4AA
Colour Gray
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Noise isolating professional studio headphones
  • 8 foot coiled cord with 6.3 mm (1/4″) plug
  • Superior isolation, accurate sound reproduction and the excitement of a live performance with every recording
  • Durable steel and generously padded rubber headband
  • Adjustable slide bars ensure snug fit


From the manufacturer

Superior Isolation

The first dynamic headphones to deliver true full frequency and high fidelity performance with impressive noise isolating capabilities.

Coil Cord

8 foot coiled cord with 6.3 mm (1/4 inches) Plug.

Sound of Koss

Whether you’re a sound professional or an audiophile the Pro4AAs delivers the excitement of a live performance with every recording.

A New Twist on Legendary Headphones

Perfect for professionals and audiophiles who want a cleaner, clearer sound.

– Noise isolating professional studio headphones

– The first dynamic headphones to deliver true full frequency, high fidelity performance

– Standard-setting design incorporates performance-enhancing technology

– Superior isolation, accurate sound reproduction and the excitement of a live performance with every recording

– Durable steel and generously padded rubber headband

– Adjustable slide bars ensure snug fit

– 8 foot coiled cord with 6.3 mm (1/4 inches) plug

The Original American Stereophone Company

Ever since we invented the first SP/3 Stereophone back in 1958, Koss Stereophones have been bringing back the excitement of a live performance. Music lovers around the world recognize that dedication to accuracy in sound reproduction as The Sound of Koss.

Additional information

Weight 0.83915 kg
Product Dimensions

‎20 x 13 x 5 cm; 839.15 Grams

Item model number








Colour Screen


RAM Size

‎512 GB

Item Weight

‎839 g

Country of Origin




Date First Available


Item Dimensions LxWxH

20 x 13 x 5 Centimeters

Included Components




10 reviews for Koss Pro-4AA

  1. Abdul333

    Not satisfied with the product. Not working properly. Not value for the money. Need to return

  2. Prashant S.

    Firstly, you have to understand that these are not headphones that can be inserted into a smart phone and made to sound great (high impedance – 250 ohms). These are studio monitors and need a decent amp/DAC to drive outputPaired it with a FiiO E10K DAC, testing samples below:1. Jazz and blues: Bossa Nova (Story) and BB King (Riding with the King) – Mp3 files2. Classic Rock: Living Color (Greatest Hits) and Alice in Chains (Home) – Mp3 files3. House/Trip Hop: Etiquette Noir (multiple) and Chainsmokers (Memories..Do not open) – Mp3 files and Soundcloud4. Metal/Hard Rock: Metallica (S&M) and Sepultura (Roots) – Youtube and – Mp3 files5. Gaming: Doom multiplayer and BF46. Movies/Series: Samurai Champloo and Better Call SaulPros: Each instrument stands out and its a massive improvement over the AudioTechnica M30x and makes the Sennheiser 212 (both of which I owned previously) sound like a plastic toy. Its phenomenally good and the bass and separation is amazing. Mids are on point and there is no leaking or cracking. Impossible to overload or overpower, works the same every single time. Extremely solid pair and I have been throwing it around a lot. Think Nokia 3310 levels of toughness. No wonder these headphones have a lifetime warranty in the U.S (and India also I hope)Cons: Heavy and uncomfortable over long periods of time. I guess its the price to pay for solidity. Too bulky to carry aroundOverall, get a good amp and forget about buying headphones ever again

  3. Tommy Puttrich

    Great but not out of the box
    The product materials and speakers and really good for the price. However, these headphones will not be very comfortable or sound really until you get some fixes. There’s multiple ear cushion replacement that give much-needed extra foam and room for your ears (stock pads press a plastic mesh right onto your ear). Not the easiest to change out but not dissambly required. Use an adjustable equalizer if you’re not happy with the stock sound (mids and highs are great but bass is lacking) as the speakers have the capacity for good sound. With aftermarket pads the weight distribution of the headphones is great, but make sure you’re into having heavier headphones.


    Son muy buenos auriculares, pero hay que tener un muy buen equipo y amplificador para poder sacarle partido yo los usos para los vinilos y saca un excelente sonido

  5. Milton Gonzalez

    Excellent quality, excellent noise cancellation, but a bit heavy.

  6. R Shackleford

    Great headset
    These phones are amazing. Yea they kinda squeeze your head and are a little heavy, but why let that hold you back? They block most noise and sound fantastic, like hearing things I never heard before in songs I’ve listened to dozens of times. Get some better pads like I did and they will be your best friend. I use AirPods and wish I had my work phones whenever I’m away from my desk, seriously they sound like crap compared to these.

  7. Rey

    I really wanted to love these…
    I got these to replace some less expensive Koss headphones. My old ones were UR/29; which are excellent headphones for $35 but the headband on two of them have broken off. I wanted the same basic headphones in a sturdier package, so I picked up these.To start off with, these are twice as heavy as my old ones and they make my ears sweaty…an issue that never occurred with my old headphones. I use these to play PUBG (a computer game that is heavily dependent on being able to hear clearly), and these didn’t even come close to the quality of Koss UR29. These feel sturdy and for that reason I had my hopes up. I’m returning these as inadequate for my needs.

  8. Marko

    for those who appreciate full analog audio
    These came out in 1970. I had pair, but they had oil filled cushions which often leaked, and were expensive. They are back without the oil, and $70, unbelievable. These PRO4AA do not have driver elements, which resonate. They have extensively engineered speakers. If you are into classical analog, these are the way to go. I mean pure analog, start to finish. Hour after hour with no fatigue. Get them while you can.

  9. J. R. Tow

    Still great headphones!
    I bought my first pair ~1971, when I had just an AR Amplifier and AR Turntable. I had to make an external switch and headphone adapter for the old amp. Somewhere along the road I was introduced to Sony MDR V6’s (~’89) – and one of our cat’s chewed the plug off the old Koss set – and the plug off my Stax electrostatic headphones, too. The Sony’s were available – the 4AA’s weren’t. The 4AAA and 4AAT were tried – but returned. My 4AA’s and Stax phones found the bottom of a junk box – a spare set of Sony MDR V6’s were bought – followed by all too frequent new pads. Over four years ago, I checked Koss’ site – they were back making the 4AA’s! I found them on Amazon – and ordered a set (6/11). The box they are in looked like the original – flimsy! I didn’t care before – or then – the phones looked identical to the old ones – and they are still made in the USA! The fluid filled ear pads were soft and pliable. They fit as I remembered – properly on my big (7 7/8 hat size – with short hair.). Great room isolation. Excellent midrange and highs combined with un real, but properly slightly subdued deep bass extension. The Sony’s have a subdued midrange, bright highs, and boomy mid-bass, in comparison. It could be my 67 year old ears – they do have a 3 – 5 kHz dip in response. I like the flat response and distinct/controlled bass of the Pro-4AA’s. I like jazz and ‘classic’ rock & roll, and older r & B, too.One use the Pro-4AA’s excelled at – and still do – is listening to short wave broadcasts, as well as DXing, the process of listening to distant and weak stations. They were great – and the new ones are as well. These days I find myself listening to strong old standby stations, like Radio Australia, in the early AM hours and the Pro-4AA’s keep me from bothering my wife – or the cats! I moved nearly two years ago – and, recently found a box of goodies I hadn’t gone through yet. At the bottom were my original Pro-4AA’s! I may contact Koss and see what they would do to refurbish them – they have nostalgic value as well as use value – they are that good. Of course, meter my words by my likes and age… I like a flat response and prefer deeper, but not boomy, bass… and I am ‘older’, or so I am told! Oh, and my big head doesn’t mind the ‘phones weight or pressure. And… some folks don’t like what I do… imagine that!Edited 10/6/15: After posting my review, I searched for and found my original Pro-4AA’s remains, still less the plug but now with a deteriorated strain relief on the coiled cord’s headphone end. Comparing them to the newer units resulted in the only visible difference being the relative height of the protrusions, which were surrounded by ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ being shorter. The headband, ear cushions, cable, etc, looked identical, except for the wear. I contacted Koss – and their return shipping charge had increased from $5 to $9 in over two decades. I put the remnants in a box with a letter describing their history and shipped them via Priority Mail. They didn’t patch them – they sent me a brand new pair! They arrived in new shape – perfect, although initially quite tight. That was remedied by leaving them open over night on my Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM table radio (My wife had suggested a watermelon…). Now they are indistinguishable from my Amazon ordered ‘phones. American made – and a real lifetime warranty!!


    Rapporto qualita’ prezzo ineguagliabile.
    Premetto che ho altre cuffie di ben altra fascia qualitativa, ho comperato questa cuffia perche’ in gioventu’ avevo avuto una Koss che mi era piaciuta tantissimo, piu’ per nostalgia che per altro.L’ho provata, pilotandola con un ampli per cuffia Kingrex hq1, un mostro di corrente, non un ipod, il risultato e’ stato sorprendente: davvero ottima, un po’ chiusa sulle altissime frequenze, ma basso voce e medio portentosi, e poi, udite udite, perfino comoda dopo 2 ore di utilizzo continuo, il che per una Koss di ispirazione anni 70 non e’ assolutamente scontato.Inoltre ottimo l’isolamento dall’esterno, il microdettaglio e l’assenza di rumore di fondo durante l’ascolto.Bisogna pilotarla con un ampli dedicato, data l’alta impedenza, ma poi il rapporto qualita’ prezzo diventa stellare. A questo prezzo non si puo’ chiedere davvero niente di piu’.

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